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Affiliate Program Submission Guidelines

Your Questions Answered!

There are a few conditions that we ask you to comply with so your Affiliate Program can be reviewed and posted as quickly as possible.

Before posting any affiliate program please ensure that the program is not already listed by using our search form. Duplicate programs will not be listed. Because of continued problems with MLM Programs they will not be accepted. I personally check every submission, so please don't try to dress these type of programs up! Two-tier programs can be submitted and you are encouraged to do so, as these are amongst our most popular programs.

You also need to Login before you can post any affiliate programs.

Who can post an affiliate program?

  • Owners of affiliate programs including merchants and vendors
  • Affiliates are also welcome to submit programs they are members of.

What does it cost?

  • There is no charge for this service - it is completely FREE!

How is your program listed?

  • It is listed alphabetically and under the appropriate category. When we review your program if it fits more than 1 category then you will be listed in multiple categories. Please do not submit your program more than once!
  • Each program is evaluated by AffiliatesDirectory.com to see if it deserves our Recommended Award.
  • Your submission is personally reviewed for accuracy before it becomes 'live' on the site (please ensure you fill out the submission form accurately for a quick listing!) Also, we reserve the right to make any alterations to your listings, to ensure accuracy of the listing, as well as making any comment in relation to the suitability or value of the program.
  • Your program may, depending upon it's rating and its popularity, be featured in other listings within our directory.
  • You have an opportunity, after listing your program, to have a Priority Listing (for a small fee) where you Program will be listed at the top of all other listings in that category. You will receive more information after you submit your Program.

What if my program is already listed?

  • We do not accept multiple submissions
  • Please do not repackage programs under different names. If you do then your program will be removed.
  • The integrity and accuracy of this directory is paramount.
  • If you need to make an amendment to the listing you can use our Modify an Affiliate Program Option, and we encourage you to do so!

What information do I supply?

  • Describe your Affiliate Program as comprehensively as possible. Please include the following:-
  • Product or service being offered
  • The URL to your affiliate information page. This is very important and is the cause for most delays in being listed. You also have the opportunity to list your Home Page.
  • Commission structure, including minimum amount paid, when paid (monthly etc). The type of program eg. Pay Per Sale is also important.
  • Type of support offered including banners, text links, newsletters, e-mail, phone support etc.
  • Delays in having programs listed are invariably caused by lack of specific information in the first instance - please double check your URL

What if I don't have a web site?

  • Sorry, only affiliate/associate or referral programs that have a web site can be accepted.

How is my program evaluated?

  • Availability of people to participate (e.g. local -v- worldwide).
  • Type and quality of product or service offered.
  • Recommendations from affiliate members.
  • Support network for affiliates, including graphics, banners supplied, link aids and other resources.
  • Level of commissions paid and other benefits including the tracking system the program offers affiliates.
  • Procedure to sign up - automated -v- manual.

What type of Programs don't we accept?

  • R or X Rated Adult programs OR sites that contain 'adult' related products (unless in good taste).
  • Other programs that are considered offensive or in bad taste.
  • Scams, illegal money making schemes (such as Pyramid Schemes) or similar.
  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Programs (ie. programs that pay commissions on more than two tiers). These are also referred to as Network Marketing Programs. Generally where programs refer to a 'matrix' with multiple levels of tiers, then this is an MLM Program.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to accept any program that does not fit our acceptable standards policy and no correspondence will be entered thereinto.

Following your submission you will receive a confirmation email once your program is reviewed. It is important that you save this email as it contains important information on how you can update/modify your program and how you can achieve a higher ranking in our Directory!

I Agree with these Conditions and now wish to submit my Affiliate Program!

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