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WebLeave.com-The Global Realtime Online Employee Leave Management Portal

WebLeave.com is a Global Online Employees Leave Management Portal for employers to provide their employees with real time leave applications and approvals through the use of the combination of internet web forms and email system for effective leave management.

Unlike other referral programs, WebLeave.com is a unique referral-for-all program that allows affiliates earn unlimited RECURRING income globally through internet or conventional marketing, as high as 70% of all employers' affordable yearly subscription forever!

Money earned will be paid to all affiliates year after year, transferable to next-of-kin, and best of all,in the comfort of your existing career and family life.

All affiliates have to do is to recruit new affiliates under our 2-tier income generation business plan.

WebLeave is not a MLM nor pyramid scheme program, but purely an employers e-leave 2-Tier
affiliate-get-employer/affiliate referral plan.

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good 4 out of 5 stars

its nice

Reviewed by: affiliatemarketingfest@gmail.com, Jul 13 2017 3:23PM

good to join
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