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LiveSimon Affiliate Program

LiveSimon is a FREE Auction and Classified Community who is now joining the Affiliate word. Offering PPC or Commissions up to 40% with logging of 45 days.

Why is LiveSimon better than eBay? Because there is NO listing or selling fees! eBay seem to charge for every little thing...From 10cents for pictures, to $2 reserve price fees, all the way up to $79 to have your item on the homepage! Now this doesn't include any of the listing fees or the end of auction fees which sometimes seem to add up to a whole lot!

Why is LiveSimon better than Craigslist? Craigslist does not offer any types of upgrades or photo viewing. There "anonymous emails" only are anonymous until you reply to the questions and then your email address is shown as the return email address. But the biggest thing about Craigslist is that you cant view more than one city at a time, even if the next city is only a few miles away. So a user have to do multiple searches in different cities just to find what he/she is looking for.

LiveSimon on the other hand, has upgrades which allows a seller to add features such as bolding, highlighting, attention getters, and even placing their item on the frontpage....And even if a seller chooses ALL the upgrades, total cost is only $8.00! -- Combining both auctions and classifieds on the same site only makes it easier. And the fact that you can view the entire US or narrow your search to as close as 5 miles away allows users to choose how far they are willing to go to buy what they are looking for, or choose to have the item shipped from across the country. Not to mention your categories of Pets, Personals, Jobs, Community, Real Estate, Cars & Boats, Electronics, and much more!

Unlike some of the other affiliate programs out there, you have a choice to choose PPC or Commissions, which means that if you choose PPC, you can start making money just by mentioning these facts and get a reader interested....I bet you'll be next to visit LiveSimon.com

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Date Added:
  • Sat Apr 05 2008
Last Modified:
  • Sun Apr 06 2008
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  • iDevAffiliate
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  • 3 months or less
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  • livesimon
Commission Details
Pay Per Sale

Earn 20%-40% on listing upgrades from users you refer to our site. When a user upgrades their listing with features such as bolding, highlighting, or placing their ad in the featured items category, you get paid! Tracking up to 45 days!

Pay Per Click

Easy and simple. Get paid by driving traffic to LiveSimon. Every new person that visits LiveSimon when clicking your text or banners ads will generate you money!

Payment Methods
Payment Methods/Conditions
Payment Method(s):
  • PayPal
Payment Frequency:
  • Monthly
Payment Minimum:
  • $50.00
Program Restrictions
Program Restrictions

No Restrictions

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