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clixGalore Affiliate Network

Join our FREE program and you will earn 5% commission for life from all the Affiliates that your refer to clixGalore and earn US$5 for each Merchant that you refer. You will earn this commission for the active life of all the Affiliate accounts you refer.

Your commission is calculated automatically, so each time an Affiliate you have referred earns commission, you will to!! Joining clixgalore as an Affiliate is very easy and completely FREE!!!

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Our Comments:

This network has come ahead leaps and bounds since its inception and is experiencing rapid growth.

The site is 'very clean' and easy to navigate and they offer a large selection of merchants.

The opportunity to continue to earn commissions from any referred affiliates is a highlight of this program. I highly recommend it!

Affiliate Tools and Resources

This Affiliate Program provides the following support, tools and resources for affiliates to help them promote this program:




Emails/Sales Letters



Reporting Tools

Resource Center

Text Ads


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dON'T wASTE yOUR tIME 1 out of 5 stars

Alvin Russell

Reviewed by: nody, Apr 27 2004 12:00AM

We tried to cancel our signup before they activated due to poor email response. We'll Clixgalore said it was to late even though i contacted them before they charged my credit card. They kept my $375.00 setup fee and charger me a $35.00 termination fee. Due the slow response to emails and unable to reach by phone at all. I would not join this program if it was FREE. I hope my loss help you save time and money. I want Affiliate Program to enhance my site not create new issues. THIS PROGRAM IS NOT GOING ENHANCE ANYTHING BUT THERE POCKETS WITH YOUR MONEY.

Kind Regards,
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Poor poor service 1 out of 5 stars

Dissapointed in Service

Reviewed by: e-bannerx, Apr 2 2004 12:00AM

I attempted to advertise on this network. However, all I got was some affiliates ripping me off (ie 45% click thru rates....) When I raised this with them, all I got was silence. Dont use these people they are just there to rip off anyone that they can come across. Use other legitimate creditable services <
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BEWARE 1 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: LaughBlaster, Sep 17 2003 12:00AM

clixGalore is nothing but a fraudulent service, the operators will go out of thier way to keep from paying you what they owe you. See www.suxgalore.com for complete details about my dealings with them.<
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Date Added:
  • Mon Nov 06 2000
Last Modified:
  • Wed Apr 05 2017
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  • clixGalore
Tracking Period:
  • 3 months or less
Commission Details
Pay Per Sale

If you refer a Merchant to clixGalore you earn:

  • $99.50 for each 'Corporate Platinum' Merchant you refer
  • $50.00 for each 'Enterprise Gold' Merchant you refer
  • $37.50 for each 'Business Silver' Merchant you refer
  • $7.50 for each 'Bronze' Merchant you refer
  • $4.50 for each 'Instant Traffic Pool' Merchant you refer

We also offer a tiered commission earning potential dependent upon your sales volumes (up to 25%)!

Commissions you can earn from merchants listed on their site varies per merchant.

Pay Per Lead

Commissions varies dependent upon the merchant.

Pay Per Click

Commission varies dependent upon the merchant.

Two-Tier Commissions

5% commission on all the earnings of your sub-affiliates.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods/Conditions
Payment Method(s):
  • Check
  • Direct Deposit
Payment Frequency:
  • Monthly
Payment Minimum:
  • $25.00
Program Restrictions
Program Restrictions

No Restrictions

User Rating
User Rating

5 out of 10 stars (17 votes)

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