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#1 Pure Serenity™ Complete Stress & Anxiety Relief

Pure Serenity™ has been scientifically formulated & clinically proven to provide your body with 23 all-natural ingredients for nutritional support for your brain & cognitive functions to help combat the effects of your stress & anxiety related symptoms.

Our Pure Serenity™ Complete Stress & Anxiety Relief affiliate program offers you the opportunity to promote the best selling natural vitamin, mineral and herbal stress & anxiety dietary supplement on the market today.

Our online sales growth rate is growing at more than 200% each month for the last 3 months.

Our affiliate program is a two-tier program that offers a 10% commission per sale of the first tier and 5% commission on the second. On average our affiliate make $18.00 per sale. We pay re occurring commissions to affiliates that help us sign up customers to our monthly easy ordering program. and we also offer re occurring payouts when people help us sign up wholesale orders too.

When you join the Pure Serenity™ Complete Stress & Anxiety Formula affiliate program, you have access to a rich set of affiliate tools which even a beginner all the way through to an advanced internet marketer could use to ensure the biggest profit available.

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100% Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

9 out of 10 stars (4 votes)

100% Pure Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate made with Montmorency Cherries. Studies have shown that cherry juice concentrate is an excellent source of melatonin.

Studies have shown that Montmorency Cherries provide the following benefits:

Pain Relief: Natural relief for arthritis, inflammation and gout Natural Aspirin Alternative: Demonstrated as superior to Aspirin in reducing inflammation (Wang et al, 1998: University of Michigan)

Reduces the Aging Process: Protects against the onset of certain age-related diseases (Papolla et al., 2000)
Promotes Better Sleep: Contains melatonin and other antioxidants

Great Taste: Enhances the taste and the enjoyment of food

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100% UniqueHoodia

If you are looking for Hoodia products to promote, then look no more. UniqueHoodia affiliate program is just what you need.

UniqueHoodia is 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii product and offers 30% in commissions on every sale you send. This is a two-tier program paying 5% on the second tier.

Dedicated affiliate manager is always available to help with your promotions as well there are wide variety of banners, prewritten reviews, articles, product pictures, graphics and templates and top class marketing guides.

Bottom line: if you have a Hoodia site, promote weight loss pills or if you have a diet or health site, then UniqueHoodia will add great value to your visitors and your earnings. Join today!

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Acne Affiliate Program - ClearPores

ClearPores is one of the largest brands in the acne market, their complete acne fighting kit contains the following:

  • Herbal Supplement
  • Deep Facial Wash
  • Deep Body Wash
  • Facial Protection Cream
  • Body Protection Cream

With the product being pushed for long term use, the average order values and repeat customer commissions are very high, the EPC data make this one of the best acne solutions to promote online.

ClearPores are paying a huge 40% commission on ALL sales, including repeat customers, cross sales and up-sales, if you have yet to started promoting ClearPores or other acne brands we strongly recommend getting started today.

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10 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

AddieUPTM is an herbal supplement for focus, energy and concentration. In the first six months of production, not one refund has been requested by our very satisfied customers. We offer personalized support to our affiliates and give them all the resources they need to prosper. Features of our Affiliate Program include:

  • 25% commission
  • 90 day cookies
  • Dedicated affiliate managers
  • Vast array of creatives
  • Custom creatives for affiliate's primary website available upon request

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Adiphene is the latest all-in-one diet pill launched for 2013, by the makers of successful diet pill Phen375.  It contains 12 ingredients to help weight loss in 5 different ways.

Not content to be just a fat burner, just an appetite suppressant or just a fat binder Adiphene will fit on any weight loss or diet pill site, in any category and has something to offer every customer.

Adiphene is priced affordably with a money back guarantee and worldwide shipping to help you maximise sales.

Earn 30-50% commission per sale sending your traffic to a professional, up-to-date and high converting website adiphene.com.

With the Adiphene affiliate program you'll also benefit from a wide range of resources to help you promote, and a dedicated affiliate manager to support you.

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AffiliateWithUs has the websites and system to convert your traffic!

As a successful affiliate network we offer: Industry Training, Websites That Convert, Unmatched Affiliate Support, Fast Payment Solutions and Multiple Payment Options for Affiliates and Customers so you don't miss out on that sale!

Want a little more? Recruit affiliates using your unique link code and get 5% for every sale generated from those affiliates, it easy money!

With new affiliates joining daily, we want to include everyone so secure your spot today!

Have you heard of the incredible selling power of Instant Virgin for women? We are one of the few programs that stock this product and we have a killer site to match.

Need hosting? We will host your websites for free! All you need to do is promote our websites, it's that simple so making money doesn't need to cost you much at all.

With over 10 years of marketing success behind us, you'll enjoy what we have to offer and the new upcoming ideas and promotions. We look forward to you becoming apart of our team.

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AllergEase All Natural Allergy Supplement

7 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

AllergEase was created by a medical doctor looking for alternatives to help his family and friends battle allergies. What resulted was a unique blend of our herbal extracts that individually have been used for centuries to help people with their allergies. Thanks to our doctor, you can enjoy all of Mother Nature's suggestions for battling allergies in our honey lemon lozenge. Combined with a full daily dose of Vitamin C, our unique blend will help provide that extra boost you need. From our family to yours, we invite you to experience the difference that AllergEase can make in your life!

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Aloeride Affiliate Program

Do you ever wanted to promote product that is best in its category? Well Aloeride is the only medically developed aloe vera product (food supplement) available. We hope you understand how important this is!

Aloeride can help with Crohn's disease, IBS, GORD/GERD, anti-aging, eczema, ulcers, easier digestion and general wellbeing. Aloeride is also great fit for people who are traveling as aloe vera helps to prevent getting burnt in the sun as well makes the tan last longer.

Why to promote Aloeride?
Aloe vera industry is huge and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars in sales every year. It only makes sense for you to tap into these markets as the current competition is only fraction of what you would have to face in weight loss or related healthcare industries.

To give you some more reasons - aloe vera industry never seen serious players in PPC or SEO. This means that with decent efforts you will get nice returns on your marketing efforts and quickly!

How much you will get paid?
The standard commission rate is 30% per sale but that's not the limit. Reach performance goals and get your commissions boosted to a hefty 40%! Keep in mind the industry's standard is 5-15%.

On top of that, you can additionally earn 5% via our referral program!

What resources are available?
You will get access to wealth of resources like templates, articles, graphics, banners, reports, testimonials (graphics and audio) and many more being added on a regular basis.

Not to mention unseen level of support from the affiliate managers, they are always ready to help you out or suggest ideas for maximum results. Need a review of your site? Just ask us! Need help on planning landing pages? Just ask us!

Some ideas on how you could promote Aloeride
Well, since Aloeride appeals to so many niches that you either could create a full site on aloe vera alone, or you could have a quick start by adding aloe vera to your weight loss, skin care or general well being sites.

Aloeride is great for promoting using article and BUM marketing, submitting videos to sites like YouTube. Running paid ezine advertising in health ezines. SEO and PPC or offline advertising and other methods.

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ArgiLife Cardio-Ultimate in Heart Health

ArgiLife is a top selling cardiovascular product helping improve the quality of lives of people every day. Heart disease is the number on killer in the world. ArgiLife was formulated to help improve cardio vascular health.

Created by a MD, researched at a cardiovascular institute, endorsed by hundreds.

From our Founders, to our Scientific Advisory Board, doctors are driving force behind the ArgiLife evolution.

We design, manufacture and stand behind our ArgiLife formula as directed by the highest level of medical and scientific integrity.

When it comes to choosing products for you and your family's health, it's good to know that you're in the company of solid science!

Join the ArgiLife Affiliate Program and Earn a Generous Commission!

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