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Our Site hosts one of the largest California rental listings with more than 90,000 unique listings of Apartments,Condos, Houses, Duplexes/Triplexes and Townhouses , refreshed daily.

We offer a very flexible affiliate program where fees can be defined individually, based on the a) traffic or b) pay per Subscription.

There are many ways to use our affiliate resources, such as individual search results displayed on your website or, fully customizable links.

Fast & Simple to start:

  • You register for our affiliate program. We assign you individual source ID code to use on the links and provide you with full technical support to ensure a smooth launch.
  • You add customized links to or even our listings on your website.
  • Visitors click on your links or listings and go to and sign up for a membership
  • You earn $0.05 for each click (visit) and $5 for each new registered member based on placement.

Each affiliate partner is assigned a unique source ID for tracking their links to website. There is no need for any technical knowledge.

Our team will walk you through adding the links to your website as well as help you to customize them. You are in full control of what properties or what specific listing types are displayed to your visitors. Should it be a simple link button or even RSS feed included directly in your website ? everything is very simple to set up!

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Apartments for Rent

Rentopolis is Canada Rental Website servicing the province of Ontario. It features apartments and homes for rent along with related products. Affiliates are paid a 20% commision on any rental ad purchased on the website which was referred by your website.

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Property Manager Partner Program

We specialize in selling property management software to landlords and letting agents.

Turn your valuable web site traffic into additional income by joining our popular affiliate program. Sign up in seconds, add our property management software or property management business pack promotional banners to your web site and receive commission for any sales that are generated through your web site.

Our most popular product is the Property Manager Agent Edition, used by letting agents throughout the country, which costs £399.99 per license. You will earn from £79.99 for one Agent Edition sale going up to as much as £131.99 per sale for 20+ sales per month.

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3 out of 10 stars (2 votes) NYC apartment finder. You send us a lead, we close the deal and pay you %20 of $189. Other affiliates include,,, others...

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Resortscape Affiliate Program

Resortscape is the #1 online marketplace for vacation homes, amenity communities, and luxury properties. We have over 600,000 properties for sale and 90,000 member agents. Direct your visitors to, and we will pay you $35 for the sale of both Gold ($49.99 - unlimited listings per agent) and Silver ($29.99 single listing per agent) packages! As a Publisher of, you will not only be earning cash, but you will be partnering with a company committed to great customer service. Join now and start earning $35 on all packages. You can link to us using variety of methods including banners, text links, data feeds and even a Vacation Homes white-label website. Simply insert the code into your page and start earning your commissions.

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Super Affiliate Program

1 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Join our Super Affiliate Program for FREE!!

Generate HUGE monthly commission checks -- just by sending visitors to our web site!

So, what makes this a SUPER Affiliate program?

I know what you are thinking. There are thousands of other affiliate programs out there, why join this one?

Well, besides that facts that joining this affiliate program will cost you nothing
... and we pay out huge commission amounts (over 60% of net profits)

We use the Super Affiliate status because once you refer any customer to us ... you earn commission on every sale for that customer ... for life!!

That's right! Anytime you refer any customer to us, then you will receive a commission for every single sale from that customer.

Since we track sales based on customer, you don't have to worry about users blocking/deleting cookies from their computer or purchasing from a different computer. You will always get credit for the sale.

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The Real Estate Skinny Affiliate Program

10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Interact Systems Development has two complementary programs for its Affiliates. In the first program, Affiliates can choose to include The Real Estate Skinny™ in their online store's shopping cart. Interact Systems, through its e-commerce partner, share-it!, will provide HTML codes that uniquely identify the orders which originate from the Affiliate. Each Affiliate receives access to a control panel to track orders for The Real Estate Skinny™. There is no cost to joining the Affiliate program.

In the second program, Interact Systems Development is prepared to offer evaluation CD media to the Affiliate at USD $6.00 per copy. Suggested retail is $10.00. The CD media contains a fully functional version of The Real Estate Skinny™ software that expires after a 30 day evaluation period. The Affiliate is authorized to distribute CD media to their clients who may benefit from the use of the software. CD media software can be provided with the Affiliate's name appearing on the opening splash screen, main screen and/or the CD case. When the Affiliate's clients register the software, these specific transactions can be identified in the Interact Systems Development order entry system.

In consideration of the Affiliate's efforts to encourage clients to register the software under these programs, Interact Systems Development is prepared to offer the Affiliate a commission of $29.98 per paid license. Suggested retail is currently USD $89.95 for a license key. Commissions will be tracked and paid to the Affiliate monthly via direct deposit (US banks only). CD media prices are based on the current cost of production. Minimum order quantity is 50 CDs. Sales price is affected by order processing costs, etc. Should the costs change in the future, Interact Systems Development reserves the right to change prices with 30 days notice to the Affiliate.

The Affiliate programs are likely to appeal to realtors and financial planners who specialize in residential rental property. To join just click on the above link.

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VerticalRent Affiliate Marketing Program for Real Estate Professionals

We partner with networked real estate professionals and leading vendors seeking to drive long-term customer loyalty, and achieve profitable growth. We support the success of our whitelabel and affiliate partners with an innovative web-based partner portal that includes real-time analytics, dashboards, and a social networking referral engine designed to accelerate growth. Combined with exceptional customer service and competitive wholesale pricing, we help you cultivate a network of clients that can enhance the value of your own services.

  • Earn money for sharing VerticalRent with your network
  • We provide professional landing pages, links, and banner ads
  • The more people you refer, the more money you make
  • Completely free to enroll

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