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National Remember Our Troops Campaign

NROTC’s Affiliate Program is a great way for ANYONE to earn money referring people to our website.

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Sermon Database Affiliate Program

We are a monthly membership site with over 4,000 sermons and hundreds of powerpoint slides. The database has been in existence for over 9 years and has a huge membership. We have free custom banner ads and we'll even help write custom copy for your blog or email newsletter. We pay $25 per new member that joins.

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Stanford Social Innovation Review Magazine Subscription Program

The Stanford Social Innovation Review Magazine Affiliate Program (

Delivered by the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, the Stanford Social Innovation Review Magazine ( delivers provocative and practical ideas for nonprofits, foundations and socially responsible businesses.

As an Affiliate you make $7.00 per subscription for referring visitors to
There's no charge to participate. uses real-time affiliate program software to track all referring visitors from your site. Every time a visitor you refer buys from our site, you earn a percentage of the sale. The tools we provide make it easy to add links from your site to, and our online reports let you track every sale in real-time.
Should you have any further questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Thank you, Durk Price, Affiliate Manager for

More about the Stanford Social Innovation Review Magazine!

Our mission at SSIR is to share substantive insights and practical experiences that will help those who do the important work of improving society do it even better.

The work of SSIR is guided by our values. "Social innovation" stands in our name for a reason: to remind our authors, our audience, and ourselves that this journal's purpose is to lead in the search for new and better ways of improving the lot of the world.

We seek to strike a balance between the pragmatic and the intellectual, to embrace no predefined political ideology, and to champion the interests of no single constituency. Instead, we will broker conversations, ask hard questions, disseminate the fruits of rigorous research, and present real-life case studies.

Our contributors are a diverse group of world-class faculty, thought-leaders, and executives. Our readers are leaders in the fields of nonprofit management, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. We write for a community of professionals, united in their desire to build enduring organizations and to promote innovative solutions to social problems.

Let us introduce you to the team of faculty and thought-leaders who ensure the editorial excellence of SSIR. In addition to our editorial staff, we are guided by an editorial council and advisory board of world-class academics and practitioners.

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