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My Top Ten

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The Best of the Best!

The Affiliate Programs Directory TOP TEN I don't offer a complex rating system to work these out. I base my choices primarily on one simple thing .... success for me!

That doesn't mean that these programs will work for you - but they most definately work for me! The things that all these programs have in common is they all offer:-

  • Products or Services that are very 'sellable'
  • Good commissions (most, but not all are two-tier - which offers even greater income earning potential and some offer lifelong commissions).
  • Great support, which usually includes a powerful newsletter, online forums, promotional tools etc.

These programs are ideal if you operate a site that attracts a number of other webmasters - and if you do then you too should be successful with these programs!

My Top Ten are as follows:-

PS. Don't forget to click on the Detailed View link (opens in new window) - to find out even more information about these programs.

ALL of these are PROVEN SUCCESSFUL Affiliate Programs!

Other Program Recommendations

You're right - there are lots more 'excellent programs' that you can profit from that may not be in our TOP TEN. In fact, many other programs are striving hard to get into our list - I regularly get requests to review programs from merchants who are keen to see their affiliate program in my famous TOP TEN.

Why not check out my other Recommended Programs!

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