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Program Details:

Internet Marketing Center (Corey Rudl)

Internet marketing expert Corey Rudl (from the Internet Marketing Center) offers an excellent course and a range of other products on marketing your business on the Internet. Has a number of excellent free reports available for download from his site. Good solid program. Corey is always adding new products to his program, which makes it one of the most vibrant and rewarding programs available.

Some of the Products he offers includes:-

  • Internet Marketing Course :- Corey's award winning Marketing Course for those not only new to marketing, but those who would like to enhance their skills!
  • MailLoop :- A complete solution to put your web business on auto-pilot, with AutoResponders and other powerful business/web management tools.
  • Secrets to Their Success :- Learn how 'average people' are earning 'above average' profits from their web sites!
  • Mr. H Audio Tapes :- How to Profit from a direct sales Web Site.
  • The London Videos :- Videos of Corey's famous Internet Marketing Seminars from London.
  • AssocTrac :- Affiliate Tracking Software
  • eBookPro :- How to professionally market, secure and sell your E-Book
  • Car Secrets Revealed :- Learn how to buy or lease a new car at only $50.00 above dealer cost! (this is one of Corey's first programs!

You can sell all of these products by simply joining this affiliate program.

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Our Comments:

Corey was one of the pioneers of internet marketing and I personally recommend this program as one of the best available. Now under new management (but largely the same team), the same level of enthusiasm and enterprise continues.

IMC Offers a large range of different products and commission earning rates. See the signup page above for more information.

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Reviewed by: anomar, May 15 2003 12:00AM

What impressed me most about this affiliate program was the support and resources that they provide.

I honestly thought there was a lot of hype when I first read about it, but they do deliver what they promise, and the commissions are AWESOME!

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