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Live Monarch Foundation Partner Program

Become a partner in our success - Get paid to spread the word.

Our Mission is "The education, involvement, assistance and acknowledgment of persons directly acting to benefit the Monarch Butterfly and various native creatures who have suffered a decline in their natural habitats."

Welcome to an exciting program we have developed to give you the opportunity to earn credit and real dollars for helping us with our mission. Our Foundation's success depends on our excellent offerings and the ability to reach many interested people around the world. Dollars spent on advertising to reach new people directly impacts our ability to provide materials and resources to many worthwhile venues. Join our Partner Program and add your personal touch / message to our web site and decide how to use your reward, a 10% discount to start. You can extend the full 10% discount to your friends or keep any ammount you choose, the prices in our online store will change automatically. Send visitors to your tracking address on our web site and we both can track the results and make sure to thank you properly.

You can also use this page for your own future orders! This is our way of saying thank you again for being part of our success. Membership in this program will reward you with exclusive offers as we introduce new items and have extra special deals. There is no cost to join and we have prepared some excellent materials to give you support and help you spread the word.

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