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SpiderTrade Instant Stock Alerts (FinancialPicks)

Exact trade signals on stocks and options so you don't have to spend all day tracking the market.

High accuracy short-term trading (1-5 days) that works in ANY market condition.

Proven track record - years of high percentage gains.

Join our affiliate program - for free - and start generating 20% of every sale made from your referral. And the best part...you keep getting 20% of the membership fees each and every month that person stays a member. That's right, you keep getting referral fees from every dime you help us make.

All you have to do is link to Financialpicks.com - we supply you with banner ads, sales material, and the ideas of how to promote us on your web site. Heck, we even have a free trial to drive more people to our service (greater conversion rate).

You also get income from affiliates that sign up under you! You can start your own sales force by referring affiliates to us...you will make 10% of everything they sell - every month. One more thing. If the affiliate signs up another affiliate, you get 5% of their sales too.

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Affiliate Tools and Resources

This Affiliate Program provides the following support, tools and resources for affiliates to help them promote this program:




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  • Tue Oct 09 2001
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  • Sun Apr 10 2005
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Commission Details
Pay Per Sale


Two-Tier Commissions

10% on 2nd tier and 5% on third tier.

Lifelong/Recurring Commissions

While every your referral stays as a customer you continue to earn commissions!

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Program Restrictions

No Restrictions

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